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About 5.000 kilometers travelled by Eros Pavesi to bring our pizza ovens to our customers and pizzerias, in Italy and abroad.

Year 2020 has just begun, but Forni Pavesi Rimini has never stopped!

Eros, the company owner, this January has travelled Italy from north to south to bring our Pizza Ovens to private customers and pizzerias.

The data provided by Google regarding our vehicles speak clearly: Eros Pavesi travelled 4.586 kilometers, visiting more than 60 cities and 5 different countries.

Many pizzerias in Venice, Bari, Cosenza and other Italian cities have chosen our products to offer to their customers pizzas and bread cooked in an oven by Forni Pavesi Rimini.

As evidenced by the kilometers travelled, the number of business choosing Forni Pavesi Rimini to offer the best pizzas, bread and other products of the art of backing is considerably increasing.

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