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There is a way of tasting food that is becoming a real mass phenomenon: it is the Food Truck, an alternative and original way for a meal away from home.

Food trucks, which became popular during the great recession of 2008, are a real restaurant concept, comparable to restaurants or fast food restaurants. During this time, when some people are still afraid of going to the restaurant, street food has become a valid alternative.

Given the low cost of this kind of business, many restaurateurs have decided to diversify their business by approaching this methodology.

Today food trucks have gone beyond the original street food concept and they are now able to satisfy all tastes, offering handmade menus, gourmet and local specialties.

From 2013 to 2018 the production of these vehicles has seen an exponential growth, but the origins of this idea go back to a long time ago.

The sale of street food dates back to the end of the 17th century, when the living conditions were difficult and many people did not have the opportunity to cook their own meals. Street vendors sold food in small artisan carts and extemporary kitchens. And this practice has continued all over the world, especially in urban areas.

In the mid-1800s Charles Goodnight took an old army wagon and equipped its inside with shelves and drawers. He completed it with dishes, spices, pots, pans and food, then he hired a cook and turned it into a mobile kitchen. The food prepared in the wagon were generally easy to store, even during the trip. In addition, the cook often prepared some edible products that he found along the path.

This was the origin of the chuckwagon, the classic West kitchen-wagon which gave birth to all food trucks, historically associated with fast and easy-to-prepare foods, and also to our StrITpizza, a real mobile pizzeria.

These small itinerant vehicles are ideal to promote your brand and your products. These real mobile-kitchens are present in small towns and suburbs and also in popular contexts such as fairs, festivals, concerts, sporting events and in any other place where people gather. The simple equipment and temporary counters have been replaced by professional food trucks offering a larger products selection, which are much more suitable for promoting brands and products.

These vehicles are marketing tools able to give visibility to your business and to extend its range of action. New customers get to know a place because they have booked the food truck for an outdoor event or because they have seen it at a festival.

Forni Pavesi Rimini can help you in the design and realization of this real MOBILE PIZZERIA complete with all the necessary equipment for the preparation of a real pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven.

You’ll get your own mobile pizzeria, certified in compliance with the food regulations, complete with the equipment and the graphic layout which best suits your brand.

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