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Coronavirus has heavily changed our daily habits. One of these concerns, of course, the possibility of enjoying a pizza or a dinner with friends in a pizzeria or restaurant.

So, in these times Italians rely more and more on Food Delivery, as this service is considered important or essential by 90% of the interviewees – both by those who are home-bound and by restaurants that can continue working – and 60% of them is using it during this period.

This was noted by the Just Eat national observatory which presents the results of its study on Covid-19 based on a sample of over 30,000 interviewees: a photograph of Italian habits, tastes and priorities, focusing on their favorite dishes and kitchens, new behaviors and needs.

Therefore, Food delivery is important not only for consumers who can enjoy excellent dishes in the safety of their home, but above all for restaurants which can continue to make deliveries despite being closed to the public.

So not only a number of restaurants but also a number of companies which didn’t offer this service previously are activating this service, which represents a concrete support for their business.

What do Italians order? Pizza has confirmed to be the most ordered dish, followed by burgers, sushi, chicken and Italian cuisine, especially as an alternative to home-cooking in these days of isolation.

Food Delivery also represents a good alternative to going shopping, both limiting its frequency and the waste of time for queuing at supermarkets and for online shopping.

Talking about pizza, there are many companies across the country that offer the take-away service of products cooked in our ovens.

If you have tasted in a pizzeria some pizzas cooked in a Forni Pavesi Rimini oven, now thanks to food delivery you can enjoy them safely, at home.

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