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The journalist from Rimini, Geronimo, wanted to interview us to talk about the “Pizza Clean” project in which we are participating in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
Here is the complete interview:

The Rimini-based Forni Pavesi Rimini company is at the forefront of cleaner air
Every year, with the arrival of winter, the problem of PM10 returns in the air of our cities. Exhaust gases and wood-burning stove emissions are the main suspects in these situations. However, often counted among the culprits there are also the wood-fired ovens of pizzerias. But do wood-fired ovens really pollute and could be banned? We asked a few questions about Eros Pavesi, owner of the renowned Forni Pavesi Rimini company that brings our excellent ovens from all over Italy to Italy and beyond.

“We have just returned from Switzerland, where we have installed an oven, but we also have our products in Denmark, North Africa and even in Russia”, the owner proudly tells us.

“The quality of our wood-fired ovens is appreciated everywhere, so much so that we have recently been sponsors of two important initiatives: the Pizza Royal, a championship that took place in July in Paris and the White Art week, an international event dedicated to pizza which took place in Puglia last September. ”

So the products that are cooked in your ovens are appreciated by everyone all over the world.

“Yes, both pizza ovens and bread ovens make quality products. I don’t say it, but our customers who send us very often positive feedbacks “.

And what about the long-standing issue of dust emissions from wood-fired ovens?

“Our ovens, like all wood-burning ovens, release a modest amount of fine dust, but it is also possible to add filters that reduce these emissions. It is a problem, that of the dust removal that we hear a lot. For this reason we are happy to be a partner of a research project of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, financed with a regional tender entitled “Pizza Clean”. This project aims to develop and test on a real scale devices for the removal of fine dust from wood-fired ovens for pizzerias. We therefore hope to make our own contribution to improving the environment, without having to give up pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, a product appreciated and widespread in the Italian culinary tradition. “

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