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Oven model GLOBO

«A wood-fired oven to discover
the flavors of Napolitan tradition»

It is the typical Napolitan oven: the cooking surface is built using a special “biscotto” produced by one of the most ancient Napolitan furnaces.

These handcrafted bricks are made of natural clay and they are particularly suitable to cook Napolitan style pizza.

On demand it is possible to have the traditional cooking surface in refractory bricks.
Like the other wood-fired ovens it can be built in the gas or pellets version. Its exterior plasterboard coating is ready for the application of any painting or cladding.

Globo oven has a round shape and it is built on a circular iron base.

Just like the other products by Forni Pavesi Rimini, Globo oven is hand-crafted and it can be delivered as a single piece or built on site at the customer’s premises.

Technical specifications

Weight/KgExternal Dimension(m)Internal Dimension(m)Wood-coocked pizzasGas-coocked pizzasKW

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