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«Tradition & innovation:
a perfect combination»

The new TORNADO 2.0 is the ultimate version of the rotating oven by FORNI PAVESI RIMINI, equipped with a cooking system combining wood and gas, to meet the frequent market demand.

Thanks to the ventilation system of the wood burning furnace it is possible to channel the primary air in the combustion chamber, enabling flame regulation.
It is possible to install up to two gas burners, one in the cooking chamber, the other under the cooking surface.

The direction and the speed of the rotation can be easily regulated from the new touch control panel, also available in the electromechanical version, or from remote control app (on demand). In addition, the low power inverter system ensures low energy consumption.

Thanks to the innovative and more compact basement, delivery times are reduced still preserving the hand crafting characteristics of the product. The technical features, materials, thickness, insulation and cooking surface remain unchanged and make our products singular for their quality and unlimited life!

Technical specifications

Weight/KgExternal Dimension(m)Internal Dimension(m)Wood-coocked pizzas

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