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Forni Pavesi Rimini

Our ovens

Wood burning and charcoal grills

Our Grills

«Grilling enhances
the flavor of food and gives
a unique flavor!»

Forni Pavesi Rimini grills use a particular oxygenation system that ensures an optimal heat distribution for cooking, whether using wood, coal or charcoal.

The grill can easily and safely rotate on its axis. It is particularly suitable for fish and vegetables grilling.

Thanks to the lifting system the heat intensity can be easily regulated.

Thanks to the special design, the combustion area is separated from the cooking area: this ensures an optimal distribution of the working spaces.

STRUCTURE IN REFRACTORY BRICKS on metal framework with recessed cooking system.
Complete with: grill, 2 fans with filters, 1 glass door for combustion area, 2 chests for wood, basic tool set.

Technical specifications

ModelExternal Dimension(m)KW
Mod. 1 grill1,95x1,0012/28
Mod. 2 grills2,55x1,0012/28
Mod. 3 grills3,20x1,0012/28

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    Wood-fired rotisseries

    Our Rotisseries

    «Rotisserie is one of the oldest cooking
    techniques: it intensifies the flavor
    of the meat and enhances its qualities»

    Forni Pavesi Rimini rotisseries are designed for cooking with wood embers and their structure is built in refractory bricks.

    They are tailored on customer’s demand and they are provided with extractor hood, front guillotine glass, lateral door for wood loading and grease collector tray.

    Just like the other products by Forni Pavesi Rimini, the roasters are custom-designed and are available in many versions to meet the different production requirements.

    REFACTORY STRUCTURE on metal framework.
    Complete with: rotisserie system, extractor hood with filters, lateral door for wood loading, perimetric cladding in marble, log-holder and chests for wood.

    Technical specifications

    ModelExternal Dimension(m)Poultry capacitySpitsKW

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