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New oven for BREAD

«The first and only direct-heated bread oven with two combustion furnaces!»

The new bread oven by Forni Pavesi Rimini gives to bakers the opportunity to have a compact oven projected to make the cleaning easier and faster after the heating process has been completed.

This direct-heated bread oven is the only one built with two internal combustion furnaces, which ensure homogenous heat distribution in every part of the oven.

Hand-crafted by high-qualified technicians using certified high-quality refractory bricks for alimentary use. It’s provided with iron base, guillotine cast iron door, holes for embers unloading, manual valve for steam expulsion, hood in steel.

The only direct-heated bread oven with two combustion furnaces

Easy cleaning of the cooking surface
The cleaning of the cooking surface is not only easier and faster but it can be replaced by a quick brush or aspiration with a vacuum so that the top becomes perfectly clean.

Great energy and space saving
It is possible to use common 45/55 cm wood for fireplace to heat the oven. It is no more necessary to use small diameter wood, which is difficult to be find and stored.

Easily transportable
Un’unica misura, trasportabile su container!

Weight/KgExternal Dimension(m)Internal Dimension(m) Bread KgKW
100003,50x2,301,90x1,70 40/5028/35

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