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Oven model CUPOLA

«A wood-fired oven controls the fire,
the most indomitable element
of the atmosphere»

The exterior finishing of the Cupola is totally customizable: the oven can be provided in the basic version, or it can be cladded or finished on demand, according to the customer’s requests and in line with the interior design of the location.

Cupola oven can be built in restricted spaces and it represents the solution when the cooking chamber of an existing oven should be replaced. It can be built directly on site at the customer’s premises.

Forni Pavesi Rimini Cupola oven can be built in the traditional or in the rotating version. It is designed with frontal chimney pipe and it is built on an iron frame.

Just like all the other products by Forni Pavesi Rimini, Cupola oven is hand-crafted and can be designed in every size and shape, in the woodburning version, or with gas or pellet burner.

Technical specifications

Weight/KgExternal Dimension(m)Internal Dimension(m)Wood-coocked pizzasGas-coocked pizzasKW

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