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Oven model NAPOLI

«A wood-fired oven can help you
rediscover traditional flavors»

Forni Pavesi Rimini Napoli oven can be built in the traditional or rotating version. It is designed with central chimney pipe, plasterboard cladding and front hood in copper.

It is particularly suitable for premises where the oven occupies a central position or when there is the desire of giving great visibility to the oven. It can be built directly on site.

The large front slab serves as a useful and practical work top. Thanks to its spherical shape the oven is not excessively bulky, but at the same time it can be easily customized with a ceramic cladding which enhances the ovens shape.

Just like the other products by Forni Pavesi Rimini, Napoli oven is hand-crafted and it can be designed in any shape and size, in the wood-burning version, or with gas or pellet burner.

Technical specifications

Weight/KgExternal Dimension(m)Internal Dimension(m)Wood-coocked pizzasGas-coocked pizzasKW

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