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Professional pizza oven

The simplest solution to not give up the traditional oven

The choice of a pizza oven is conditioned by many factors, such as the space available, installation operations and the available budget. If you don’t have too much space for the oven, it is preferable to choose a free-standing oven built on an iron base, rather than masonry.

That’s why we have projected and created Globo oven: born from the artisan company that has been building ovens since 1967, in every aspect it is an oven that respects the tradition of pizza cooking. In fact, it is dome and a hob are made of refractory bricks, but they are supported by an iron base to give a freestanding solution to those who have already built their restaurant and do not want to do any masonry works. Its installation is quick and simple, in fact it is sufficient to place the oven under the flue.

In this way it is possible to reduce delivery times and eliminate installation costs, without giving up a robust and high-performance artisan oven, guaranteed over time.

Globo is available both in the wood-burning version and in the version with gas burner, in different sizes from 3 to 24 pizzas, even with turning hob! And the aesthetic coating can be customized according to the decor of the room.