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Forni professionali a legna per pizzerie e ristoranti

One of the questions we are asked more frequently, is which is the best wood for pizza cooking.

Cooking with a wood-burning oven means cooking with a bright and flickering fire, so no type of wood is similar to the other.

Each oven should be powered with specific wood for pizza cooking. Obviously, the oven will give different performances, depending on the type of wood.

In large ovens it is preferable to use embers to keep high temperature and obviously the keep the flame alive during pizza cooking.

In small ovens the burning flame is necessary to reach the desired temperature quickly. On the other hand, a small quantity of embers is recommended, as these may leave little space for pizzas.

What type of wood should be used in a Forni Pavesi Rimini oven to obtain a perfectly cooked and fragrant pizza?

Over the years we have had the opportunity to test many types of wood, from sawmill waste to pruning waste of fruit trees or rivers trees and vine shoots.

The type we recommend to those people who want to cook excellent pizzas in our ovens is the beech.

It produces, in fact, a beautiful flame – which is perfect to cook delicious pizzas – and little embers. It also gives to the cooked product the good and distinctive perfume of the wood oven.

Last but not least, it has an excellent value for money.