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StrITpizza is a quality trade mark which deals with MOBILE PIZZERIA. Nowadays more and more private individuals and businesses in the world of food & beverage are looking for small vehicles to promote their brand and their products, do you also have a business idea? We can help you in the design and implementation of a MOBILE PIZZERIA complete with all the equipment which are necessary for the preparation of a real pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. You will have your own mobile pizzeria, compling the food & drinks regulations, equipped and finished according to the best design which suits your brand. Our professional courses will give you the specialization you need. Here is a food truck, a specialized street-food vehicle for your business!

Gianni Albani Design Studio is specialized in interior design. Since 1996 it creates interior design for winning business expressing character and professionalism. The studio carefully designs with style the entire setting without neglecting the technical and functional aspect of each element.


FORNI PAVESI RIMINI, always attentive to the needs of the restaurant owners and in line with market trends, has designed and built an oven in special new-generation refractory bricks which thanks to nanotechnology ensure high thermal efficiency, temperature stability and low management costs. This oven ensures easy installation and handling thanks to its small dimensions and weight. It can be customized in size and shape. Customized in size and coating, wood-fired or with gas burner.
Forni Pavesi Rimini ovens are handcrafted using special and extremely compact refractory bricks with high alumina content. The special dimensions of these bricks, with a thickness of approx. 120 mm, allow the production of custom-made ovens which meet the needs of each user.

The dome
Thanks to the construction system of dome is self-supporting and therefore needs no supporting structure. Externally the dome is insulated as follows:
  • a first layer of 50 mm. of ceramic fiber.
  • a second layer of 50 mm. of vermiculite.
  • a third layer of 50 mm. of expanded clay
In the front part of the dome there is the chimney of about 200 mm. diam.

The cooking surface
It is certainly the most important part of the oven.The cooking surface is made of five different layers:
  • the first, the cooking surface itself, is made with special refractory slabs of cm 40 x 40 which characteristic is a fast accumulation of the heat necessary for cooking;
  • the second is composed by bricks which absorb the heat and transfer it to the first layer;
  • the third layer is a special insulating material that acts as a mirror on the heat, making it move upwards;
  • the other two layers are composed by natural salts that have the function of drying out the moisture contained in the pizzas.
Thanks to the special composition and structure of the cooking surface, the Forni Pavesi Rimini ovens can cook quickly and homogeneously a great number of pizzas without any heat loss.

The cladding
The exterior cladding is fully customizable to suit the aesthetic finishing of your premises. The stokehole is a semi-circle and its dimensions depend on the size of the oven.

The dome requires no maintenance and has an unlimited duration. The cooking surface, which is most subject to wear due to the abrasion of the tools, can be very easily replaced.

We customize and implement your idea of mobile pizzeria.

Interior design, oven supply, company logo.

In accordance with the food regulations in force.

Courses for pizza chef, even for beginners.

The real Italian mobile pizzeria at your disposal.