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Tornado Rotating Model

The advantage of having an helper by your side!

Rotating ovens marked a revolution in the world of pizza makers and not only.

Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, the cooking is handled by the oven itself and the rotating system distributes the heat homogeneously.

Two combustion areas ensure the direct heating of the cooking surface thanks to a special system which distributes the embers under the cooking surface and guarantees extreme heat retaining during the peak hours, optimizing the working time.

THE TORNADO ROTATING OVEN is always custom-built in different sizes. It can be built with the same features of Cupola, Napoli and Quadro models.

It can be accessorized with a combined gas combustion system.

External dimensions Internal dimensions No. of pizzas Weight/Kg
190x195 Diam. 100 5/7 2800
210x225 Diam. 120 8/10 3000
240x245 Diam. 150 14/16 3300
300x300 Diam. 200 25/30 7000