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Napoli model

NAPOLI model is suitable for premises where the oven occupies a central position or where the wood-fired oven is supposed to stand out.

Its spherical shape makes it look slim and less bulky, and in the same time it is possible to make it stand out with a finishing in mosaic or other similar materials.

Distinctive and very useful is the front top of the oven which is added to the service top allowing ample working space.
The oven can be delivered as a monoblock or built on site.

It is conceived as a static or rotating wood-fired oven, and it can be equipped with a combined combustion system for gas or pellets.

It is always custom-made in any shape and size.
External dimensions Internal dimensions No. of pizzas Weight/Kg
185x175 130x120 6 2600
195x185 140x130 8 2800
205x195 150x140 10 3000
215x205 160x150 12 3300
225x215 170x160 14 3600
235x225 180x170 16 4000
245x235 190x180 18 4300
255x245 200x190 20 4600