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Forni Pavesi Rimini ovens are handcrafted using special and extremely compact refractory bricks with high alumina content. Thanks to the special dimensions of these bricks, with a thickness of approx. 120 mm, the production of custom-made ovens meets the needs of each individual user.

The dome

The building system of the dome is self-supporting and therefore needs no reinforcement support.
Externally the dome is insulated as follows:

  • a first layer of 50 mm. of ceramic fibers
  • a second layer of 50 mm. of vermiculite
  • a third layer of 50 mm. of expanded clay

In the front part of the dome there is a chimney of about 200 mm. diam.

The cooking surface

The cooking surface is undoubtedly the most important part of the oven and it is composed by five different layers:

  • the first is the cooking surface itself and is made with special refractory slabs of cm 40 x 40 which quickly accumulate the heat necessary for cooking;
  • the second is formed by bricks which absorb the heat and transmit it to the first layer;
  • the third is a special insulating material that acts as a mirror, transferring the heat upwards;
  • the last two layers are composed by natural salts that dry out the  humidity contained in pizzas.

Thanks to the special composition and structure of the cooking surface, Forni Pavesi Rimini ovens can cook quickly and homogeneously a great number of pizzas without losing temperature.

The cover

The external cover is fully customizable to suit the aesthetic finishes of your premises.
The mouth is in a semi-circle and proportional to the size of the oven.


The dome requires no maintenance and has an unlimited duration.
The cooking top, which is most subject to wear due to the abrasion of the tools, can be very easily replaced.