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Cupola model

CUPOLA model is an oven which allows total customization, and in the same time it is perfect to be inserted in restricted premises or spaces, or when the customer wants to rebuild only the cooking chamber inside an existing oven.

The oven can be delivered as a monoblock or built on site.
It is conceived as a static or rotating wood-fired oven, and it can be equipped with a combined combustion system for gas or pellets.

It is always custom-made in any shape and size.
External dimensions Internal dimensions No. of pizzas Weight/Kg
178x168 130x120 6 1600
188x178 140x130 8 1800
198x188 150x140 10 2000
208x198 160x150 12 2200
218x208 170x160 14 2400
228x218 180x170 16 2600
238x228 190x180 18 2800
248x238 200x190 20 3000

Note: to calculate the final dimensions, please add the cladding thickness that must start afresh from the floor.