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FORNI PAVESI RIMINI by Pavesi Eros, located in Corpolò - Rimini, carries forward the tradition of the artisan company founded in 1977 by the father Pavesi Luciano. 

The company, which boasts a long experience since it has been present for years on the market, is specialized in the construction of wood-fired ovens for pizzerias and bakeries, and also for private use.

The highly qualified staff of Forni Pavesi Rimini handcrafts custom-made ovens in the company’s workshop or at the customer’s premises. 

The ovens Forni Pavesi Rimini are different from the prefabricated ones on many points.

Just a few examples:  

1.   Prefabricated ovens have standard dimensions and the customer must adapt to them. On the contrary, the ovens Forni Pavesi Rimini are CUSTOM-MADE and fit every need and working space.

2.   The ovens Forni Pavesi Rimini are STRONGER, since their weight is double compared to prefabricated ovens. 

3.   Excellent PERFORMANCES and DURATION, as the high percentage of alumina in the refractory bricks, tempered at 1800°C, allows the brick to maintain the characteristics of resistance and thermal insulation.

4.   Excellent performances in terms of WEAR, the dome is guaranteed across time and the cooking surface is completely replaceable after years of activity.

Forni Pavesi Rimini is known and appreciated around the world thanks to the high-quality of the materials and to the cutting edge handcrafting techniques. 

The company boosts today a number of successful installations in many European and non-European countries. 

The guarantee of our ovens lies in the satisfaction of our customers.